The Institute of Automatic Control organises, stimulates and co-ordinates interdisciplinary research and knowledge-dissemination activities on intelligent techniques for decision and control that combine theoretical solutions with real-world applications. The activities focuses on a modern knowledge-based system approach, the aim being to enable production of high quality goods and services meeting needs of the society. Results obtained are disseminated among students, academic teachers, researchers and engineers working in the field of computer-assisted decision and control so as to increase their level of expertise, competence and competitiveness.
Research and knowledge-dissemination activities are divided into the following topics:
1. Advanced Methods of Control System Analysis and Design.
2. Expert Systems and Constraint Logic Programming for Decision and Control.
3. Advanced Control of Wastewater Treatment Processes.
4. Algorithms of Information Processing in Decision Making and Control.
5. Control of Optimal Energy Transfer.
6. Active Noise Control.
7. Low Level Colour Image Processing for Decision Making Systems.